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SPARCC Certificate Authority

The SPARCC office provides a number of web based applications to its member districts enabling access to a variety of data sources. A series of security measures have been established to ensure that this data is secured for appropriate use by the schools. One of these measures is the creation of a certificate which enables the encryption of data flowing over the network.


You must activate this certificate in order for the security to become effective. Included below are the steps necessary for completing this operation:

  1. The first step is to print this page which will guide you through the steps you must follow to install the certificate. One way to complete this task is to click on the printer icon located in the upper right hand corner of this window.
  2. The next step is to click on Download to begin the transfer of the certificate to your computer system.
  3. Follow the steps as displayed in the images included below. The arrows show where to click during the update.
  4. Finally, close your browser to complete the operation. When you open your browser for subsequent sessions, it will look the same. However, rest assured that you have completed an important task in securing your data.

Once completed, you should be able to operate the web based application with a more secure connection. If you encounter any problems or have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the SPARCC staff for assistance.

Installing the Security Certificate on the PC:

Unzip and double-click on the certificate.


Certificate Information



Certificate Import Wizard



Certificate Store



Note: If using Internet Explorer 8

1. Choose the radio button, "Place all certificates in the following store" from the image above.
2. Select the Browse button.
3. Then select the Trusted Root Authorities Tab and Select OK

Certificate Import Wizard




Security Warning



Import was successful


After the previous steps have been completed, please close and reopen your browser.

Certificate for the MAC