Presidential Speeches and Documents

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From Revolution to Reconstruction …and what happened afterward 

Maintained by the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, this website offers a database of information and documents on every , featuring transcripts of speeches, biographies,     and essays. There are some discovery and colonization documents here as well.

Portraits of Presidents and First Ladies
This Library of Congress website includes at least one likeness of each of the first forty-two presidents and most of the first ladies, as well as lithographs and photographs of events that occurred while they were in office.

The Annenberg Classroom
This interactive website helps students "examine how issues they consider important played out in their own governments and election campaigns." The site focuses on issues and candidates, news, discussion forums, and teacher resources and offers a chance to respond to issue discussions they consider important. Students may search for issues by branch of government: Congress, the President and Supreme Court
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