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Conelrad: Cold War Culture 

Quirky site documenting Cold War culture, mainly during the 1950s. This website is not a vetted website but provides interesting songs, images and documents from the “Atomic Age.”

Harry S. Truman Library 
Covers several issues from Truman's presidency with online primary sources.  There is also a “Student Research File” On the menu. It provides separate lessons on topics such as the Berlin Airlift, Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb, the Korean War, United Nations, etc.

Dwight Eisenhower Presidential Library, Digital Documents 
Several primary sources from the Eisenhower presidency, including civil rights, Sputnik, and McCarthyism. Of particular interest is the sequence and content of primary source documents concerning the integration of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas and Eisenhower’s and Governor Faubus’ communications.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library 
Covers several topics related to John F. Kennedy including the space race and integrating Ole Miss. Video of speeches and debates. Lesson plans and classroom activities for elementary and secondary students.

Kent State University Shootings
Link that is accessible from the main KSU website that connects with the May 4 Visitors Center for background on the 1970 shootings.  See also library archives for manuscripts from the May 4 Collection covering memorials, commemoration activities, oral histories and links to associated sites. 

Lyndon Johnson Presidential Library 
Rich set of historical resources from Lyndon Johnson's presidency, including speeches, documents, daily diary entries and images from his early years in politics through his presidency, including his actions concerning Vietnam and civil rights. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project 
Link takes you to the educational resources section related to the MLK Papers Project at Stanford University. Primary source documents and audio of King’s speeches are available, as well as teacher lesson plans for secondary students.

Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library & Museum
Covers numerous topics such as foreign policy, the environment, welfare reform, civil rights, Vietnam, and Watergate and includes official correspondence, minutes of meetings, excerpts from the Watergate Tapes, photographs and other resources.   Lesson plans available for teachers.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library 
Growing site for materials on Reagan's life and presidency, including many images of Reagan from his childhood through his presidency. Also, includes texts of many Reagan speeches and document-based activities for students. 

Sixties: UVA Library 
Contains primary sources from the "psychedelic" 1960s: 19th and 20th century precursors, the Civil Rights Movements,  poetry literature, lyrics, album covers, speeches  and New Left materials. 

The State Department  
This is the US State Department site containing primary sources for recent press releases, press conference dialogue and images, arranged by date or by place. These images and documents belong to the US government and therefore are in public domain. The site also features web casts, both archived and those scheduled for future. Teachers can register their class to take part in webcasts. Students can also research the history of US relations with other nations and search for the official historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions and significant diplomatic activity from the Kennedy through the Ford Administrations.

Vietnam: PBS 
Offers Vietnam War timeline, essays, links, oral histories and other sources on the conflict. Includes additional links. 

Site maintained by an Australian school teacher, it contains a number of primary sources on the Watergate scandal and from Richard Nixon's political life, including media coverage of the release of the Watergate informant relied upon by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward of the Washington Post.
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