The Early Republic: Market Revolution and Reform in the United States, 1760 to 1860

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Abolition, The Library of Congress 

Overview of abolition with primary documents and images and historical text on topics such as prominent abolitionists, colonization efforts, western migration of African Americans, and slave narratives. 

Alexis de Tocqueville, C-SPAN 
Site contains biographical information about Tocqueville and his trip through America in 1831 that resulted in the publishing of Democracy in Americaprovides primary source information on his impressions of life in America during his travels through the country. It also provides references to how the words of de Tocqueville still inspire inaugural speeches and other public addresses. 

Creating the Declaration
This exhibition offers an opportunity to learn how the founding documents that emerged from this period were forged out of insight, invention, and creativity, as well as collaboration and much compromise.
It includes a narrative of the events and people that influenced the writing and the creation of Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and their legacies. Primary sources from the Library of Congress collections include the original charter documents, portraits of founders, political cartoons, correspondence, pamphlets, maps, Supreme Court decisions, etc. 

Interactive Constitution
This interactive website at the National Constitution Center allows students and teachers the ability to explore the site by topics, such as Bill of Rights, slavery, civil rights, checks and balances, etc., and by some of the most famous Supreme Court cases.

A More Perfect Union
This website at the National Archives and records Administration is part of “The Charters of Freedom: A New World is at Hand” exhibit. It offers a look at the history of the writing and ratification of the Constitution and related documents, including the Articles of Confederation, the Virginia Plan, the New Jersey Plan, the Great Compromise, the delegates, first draft as well as an account of the preservation of the document itself.

The Trail of Tears 
Hosted by "About North Georgia," this site offers history and sources on the Cherokee removal with links to Cherokee and Creek Native American sites.

Woman Suffrage 
This site from the National Women's History Museum offers background text and biographies as well as images and additional links on the subject of women quest for suffrage and equal rights. It also provides a suggested reading list.
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