Program for Students With Multiple Disabilities (MD) Last Updated: 8/10/2020 7:56 PM

How does a child/student qualify for MD services?

Local school psychologist test students or they come with an Evaluation Team Report (ETR) already in place.  The local District Special Education Director will then refer students to the SCESC MD classrooms.


How long do students stay in a MD program?

The length of time a child stays in a MD program may vary with each child's individual needs.  Some children can benefit from the small class size and the highly structured routines throughout their school career.


How is MD curriculum arranged?

All work is individualized to meet each student's needs, while still providing him or her access to the general curriculum as appropriate. Most students follow a functional curriculum to meet their daily living needs.


What is the student to staff ratio?

Each MD classroom is required by law to have one licensed teacher and one paraprofessional.  Some classrooms may have additional staff to meet the needs of individual students.  Class size is eight students.


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