Grade Level Focus

Last Updated: 8/10/2020 7:55 PM

Primary and Elementary Classrooms
The primary elementary classrooms focus on academic readiness, social behavior, fine motor, self-help and development of communication skills.  Students in the primary classrooms participate in gym, art, music, lunch, assemblies and field trips with the general education classrooms.  Additionally, students may participate in the general education classroom on a daily basis for various activities based on ability and IEP goals.

Intermediate Elementary Classrooms
The intermediate elementary classrooms focus on functional academics that include reading and teaching students to gain meaningful information from words and/or pictures.  Necessary communication skills are taught so students may effectively exchange ideas and information.  The math curriculum consists of: recognizing numbers in dates, calendar, and daily activities, and counting objects in functional situations as well as applying addition and subtraction concepts to daily activities.  Money skills and telling time are also taught.  Students at this level begin food preparation activities and continue to go out into the community to develop appropriate social behavior.  Self-help, cooking skills and community experiences are introduced at this level.

Middle School Classrooms
The middle school classrooms build on the students' previously learned skills with an emphasis on language and writing skills incorporated into functional activities.  Learning and expressing personal information needed to fill out job applications, read food and restaurant menus, recipes and community signs are emphasized.  Math skills related to using measuring, calculator usage and money skills provide students with hands on community based opportunities.

High School Classrooms
The high school classrooms expand the focus on functional academics in the classroom as well as the community.  Students develop pre-vocational skills by engaging in job training activities that emphasize work production, time on task, increased work quality and appropriate behaviors and attitudes on the job.  Actual on the job experience is provided.  Independent living skills are taught within a group home setting.  Students are also given the opportunity to participate in age appropriate recreational leisure activities in the community.  Daily living skills are taught in a functional group home setting and travel training on SARTA is introduced.

Transition High School Classrooms
The transition high school classrooms are vocationally based.  Students utilize their past training in job activities to explore different job opportunities that are best suited to them.  A job coach is provided to give the students and employers support to ensure individual success.  Travel training on SARTA is provided to teach independence in transportation.  Independent living skills that emphasize apartment living, job interviewing skills and appropriate social behavior in the work place are taught.


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