MD Classrooms and Locations

Last Updated: 8/10/2020 7:55 PM
Fairless Local
  • Fairless Elementary Primary
  • Fairless Elementary Intermediate
  • Fairless Middle School
  • Fairless High School


Lake Local

  • Lake High School I and II


Minerva Local

  • Minerva Elementary
  • Minerva Middle School
  • Minerva High School I and II


Northwest Local

  • Northwest Middle School
  • Northwest High School


Plain Local

  • Warstler Elementary I and II
  • Glenwood Intermediate
  • Oakwood Middle School
  • GlenOak High School I and II
  • Day Integrated Learning Center - Transition Learning Center (TLC) I, II and III


Sandy Valley Local

  • Sandy Valley Elementary
  • Sandy Valley Middle School
  • Sandy Valley High School


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