Today, school districts are increasingly dependent upon technology and their networks are increasing in sophistication and complexity. To assist our member districts manage this complexity, the SPARCC office is offering a Network Support Contracted Service.

Under this service offering, a team of SPARCC employees will lend their knowledge and experience to the district so that the schools can successfully implement the use of technology for instructional practices and business operations. First, the team will work with district administrators to develop a plan of action based on the current state of the network and the mission and goals of the schools. On a continuing basis, the team will establish processes to monitor and manage the network, train district employees to deal with day to day operations and meet with school administrators to share information.

The SPARCC office assumes responsibility for the following tasks:

  • Review existing technology equipment and infrastructure and assist school district in developing their technology plan.
  • Develop the configuration of technology to be used by the school district and district employees in the implementation of this configuration.
  • Monitor and manage the district network to maximize throughput and minimize disruptions.
  • Train selected district employees to better understand their technology so that they can provide quality support to district stakeholders.
  • Meet with school district administrators to share information relating to the use of technology within the district.

The participating district assumes responsibility for the following tasks:

  • Provide for the purchase, installation and repair of local technology hardware and software.
  • Provide training to school district stakeholders on the use and integration of technology in school operations.
  • Establish and maintain agreements with providers for the use of resources and services used by school district stakeholders.
Service Highlights
  • SPARCC provides special attention to the district relieving the district employees of completing the more complicated aspects of managing their networks.
  • SPARCC employees focus their knowledge and attention to the district's unique concerns.
  • Districts are assured that they have the best industry information available and their network is functioning as expected.
  • District administrators have a resource available to better understand their network and make the best use of their technology.
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