The SPARCC employees are organized into teams and each of the teams has one or more service area which they support. A listing of the teams and the respective services they support is included below. Employee information can be obtained on our Staff Directory page.


EMIS Services Team  

SPARCC provides support to member districts enabling them to meet the reporting requirements as set by the Ohio Department of Education. SPARCC distributes district reports from ODE and assists in the interpretation of the information. Additionally, custom and user defined reports are created to supplement the error checking process.

This team provides support for Basic Services and EMIS Contracted Services.

Fiscal Data Services Team 

SPARCC provides applications and support for the processing financial transactions by member districts. This service enables districts to create and maintain financial accounts, enter and track financial transactions, build financial reports and meet periodic reporting requirements including W2’s, 1099’s, financial forecasts and other related items.

SPARCC provides applications and support for the creation and maintenance of employee records, processing of payroll and supporting reports applications, data management defined by the Ohio Department of Education and the State Auditor’s Office, end-of-year processing and closing of records, direct deposit, payroll transmission, and account reconciliation and salary projections.

This team provides support for Basic Services and Payroll Contracted Services.

Library Automation Services Team

SPARCC provides applications and support for library automation services enabling an electronic card catalog, policy management, cataloging, circulation, inventory reports, web-based catalog access, and library attendance package.

This team provides support for INFOhio Services.
Network Support Team

SPARCC provides wide area network access enabling Internet Connectivity in member districts. This service includes content filtering, firewall protection, distribution of IP addresses, DNS services, web hosting services, Anti-SPAM and Anti-Virus protection. This service includes the distribution of electronic mail messages.

This team provides support for Internet Services, Network Support Services, Remote Backup Services and Web Hosting Services.

Student Data Services Team

SPARCC provides applications and support for the creation and maintenance of student records and the supporting reports providing information needed to make educational decisions. Software support is provided for data entry and processing and the import and export of data. Training for software procedures is offered on a continuous basis. Specific items of support include an electronic gradebook, student scheduling, grade reporting, interim progress reports, attendance reporting, registration, transcripts, student demographics, student discipline tracking and EMIS compliance reporting requirements.

This team provides support for Basic Services, Data Warehouse Services, EMIS Contracted Services, Pinnacle Gradebook Services and Pinnacle Instruction Services.

Technology Integration Team 

SPARCC provides leadership for exploring and implementing technology integration projects, opportunities and programming and maintains a presence in regional, state, national organizations and conferences in the use new and emerging technologies.

The SPARCC office hosts a conference dedicated to the use of technology to improve student achievement. This conference is held at the RG Drage Career Center and features speakers with relevant experience presenting valuable information to the attendees.

SPARCC provides applications and support for the delivery of instructional resources and academic content via audio conferencing, video conferencing and web-based conduits. SPARCC hosts the applications and the content needed to enable virtual courses.

This team provides support for Technology Integration
Online Services.
Web & Database Team

The SPARCC Web & Database Team maintains a longitudinal data warehouse comprised of data supplied primarily by administrative applications, This Data Warehouse Application is intended for use by its member districts. The warehouse contains multiple years of data enabling districts to spot trends and better understand their learning environments. District employees have access to Microsoft Reporting Services tools which they may use to create reports of their own design. In addition, data can be exported from the warehouse and imported into third party applications for further analysis.

Team Quick Links

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